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Also, check out our Focused Groups open to all campuses HERE! Contact Dallas Wilson at [email protected] for more information or fill out the form below. Click on a group below to learn more.

Leaders: Elliot and Emma Bailey

Day/Time: Monday | 6:30pm

Location: Five Forks Campus

Co-ed 25-40

Leaders: Dustin & Sloan Dozier

Day/Time: Sunday | 6:00pm

Location: Dozier Home

Engaged and Newly Married without children

Leaders: Brett & Jane-Elliot Evans

Day/Time: Tuesdays | 6:30pm

Location: Evans Home

Co-ed 25-50

Leaders: Scott & Janine Hall / Chris & Suzanne Mahaffey

Day/Time: Sunday | 11:15am

Location: Five Forks Next Door Lobby

Co-ed Multi-gen

Leaders: Kipp & Jennifer Harvey

Day/Time: Wednesdays | 6:30pm

Location: Downtown | Vintage 111

Co-ed 35-55

Leaders: Nicole Russo

Day/Time: Thursday | 7pm

Location: Russo Home

Co-ed 30-40

Leaders: Ed & Gina Yount

Day/Time: Wednesdays | 6:30pm

Location: Yount Home

Co-ed 45-65

Young Professional’s Baker Group
: David & Velvet Baker
Co-ed | 20’s & early 30’s
Sunday | 6:30 PM
Location: Baker Home

Young Professional’s Group
Leaders: Andy & Sherri Wilson
Co-ed | 20’s
Tuesday | 6:30 PM
Location: Delta 

Men’s Recovery Group
Men | Multi-generational
Monday | 6:00 PM
Location: College Street Cafe

Leaders: Jan James & Alice Ann Holman
Mothers who have lost a child | Multi-generational
Every 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Location: Downtown Campus, The DELTA

Alone Together
Support and fellowship for women and men who have lost their spouse and/or are alone.
Leaders: Nancy Anderson & Martha Bridges