A Church for the World (International)

God’s word tells us to go to the ends of the earth with the love, compassion and the promise of Jesus. This is an important part of our DNA. We help train and equip everyone so they can effectively serve on an international missions team. We believe everyone has unique, God-given gifts that allow them to impact people’s lives across the world.

We have sent international mission teams to places like Brazil, Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica, and Thailand. We offer sports camps, vacation bible school, construction, medicine, leadership training and more. We desire to reach the world with the love and grace that we experience in Jesus Christ.

A Church for Our Nation (National)

Together we can make a difference in areas and disaster hotspots across the United States. We have always been quick responders to disasters that have occurred in recent years. In addition, we have sought partnerships with organizations across the country to help enable our people and our resources to love and serve those in need.

We have sent national mission teams to places like Atlanta, Alaska, Alabama, Savannah, West Virginia, North Carolina (JAARS) and New York City (Samaritan’s Purse). Many teams serve in construction, vacation bible school, sports camps, and more. The common thread is to share the love and hope found in Jesus with as many as possible. Begin praying now for how God may lead you to be a part of one of our national missions teams.

Contact Steve Genoble for more info at [email protected].

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