Our Downtown Campus currently has groups that meet on Sunday morning and throughout the week. Also, check out our Focused Groups open to all campuses HERE!

Barnett/King/Nash Group
Leaders: Randy Barnett, Tim King, David Nash
Co-ed | 60+
Location: N-209

Crider Group
Leaders: Tim Crider
Men’s | 60+
Location: Old School Building 144

Templeton Group 1
Leaders: Pam Templeton
Women | 60+
Location: Small Dining Room

Rodriguez Group
Leaders: Armondo Rodruquez
Co-ed | 70’s
Location: N-205

Ford/Snyder Group
Leaders: Chuck Ford & Don Snyder
Co-ed | 60+
Location: N-203

Heinbuch Group
Leaders: David Heinbuch
Co-ed | 70+
Location: N-206

Payne Group
Leaders: Fred Payne, Bonnie Chiles, Ernie Tong
Co-ed | 70+
Location: N-212

Tankersly Group
Leaders: Harvey Tankersly
Men | 65+
Location: N-202

Crosswalk Group
Leaders: Randy Karns/Dick Lincoln/Evy Woods
Co-ed | 60+
Location: N-210

Lydia Group
Leaders: Pat Ayers/Tom Colson/Ken Moneynaker
Co-ed | 70+
Location: N-214

Svajko Group
Leaders: John Svajko
Co-ed | 70+
Location: N-208

Wall Group
Leaders: Lee Wall
Co-ed | 75+
Location: N-213

Mayfield Group 
Leaders – Georgina & Mark Mayfield
Co-ed | Multi- generational
Location: N-201

College Group
Leaders: Murphys, Nelsons, McCurleys
Co-ed | College Age
Location: Small Dining Room

Hispanic Group
Leaders: Padillas
Co-ed | Multi-Gen
Location: College St. Cafe

Nearly/Newly Married
Leaders: Andrew and Hannah King
Co-ed | 20-30
Location: Room 224

Hill Group (Young Married)
Leaders: Russell Hill
Co-ed | 30-40
Location: Room 223

Peters Group
Leaders: Barry Peters
Co-ed | 30-40
Location: Room 222

Sibley Group
: Todd Sibley
Co-ed | 30-50
Location: Room 248

Chesney/Patrick Group
Leaders: Jason Chesney, Charles Patrick
Co-ed | 30-50
Location: Room 257

Barnard Group
Leaders: Dale Barnard
Co-ed | 40-50
Location: Room 235

Duncan Group
Leaders: Shane Duncan
Co-ed | 35-55
Location: Room 226

Campbell Group
Leaders: Nick Campbell
Co-ed | 30-40
Location: Room 253

Smith Group
Leaders: Ray Smith
Co-ed | 40-50
Location: Room 259

Moore Group
Leaders: Chris Moore
Co-ed | 40-50
Location: Room 249

Shubert Group
Leaders: Jim Shubert
Co-ed | 40-50
Location: DELTA

Knight Group
Leaders: Troy Knight
Co-ed | 40-50
Location: Room 143

Burney Group
Leaders: Rhett Burney
Co-ed | 50’s
Location: Room 255

Ballinger Group
Leaders: David Ballinger
Co-ed | 60’s
Location: Room N-210

Melson Group
Leaders: Kirk Melson
Co-ed | 60’s
Location: Room 256

Barnett Group
Leaders: Lee Barnett
Co-ed | 60-70
Location: Room N-209

Tanner Group
Leaders: Bob Tanner
Co-ed | 60-70
Location: Room N-208

Saylor Group
Leaders: Charlie Saylor
Co-ed | 60’s
Location: Room N-209

Templeton Group 2
Leaders: Pam Templeton
Co-ed | 60+
Location: Room N-203

Rucker Group
Leaders: Tom Rucker
Co-ed | 60+
Location: Room N-206

Dover/Turner Group
Leaders: Todd Dover, Tyler Turner
Co-ed | 30’s & 40’s
Location: Room 227

Surrounded Group
Leaders: Amy Lewis & Carmen Shults
Ladies – 30 – 50’s
Location: Room N-213

Powell Group
Leaders: Charlie Powell
Co-ed | 70+
Location: Room N-208

Pristash Group
Leaders: Jon Pristash
Co-ed | 50+
Location: Room N-212

Delta (Singles) Group
Leader: Linsdsey Dangerfield
Co-ed | Multi-Gen
Sunday | 6:00pm

Hay Group
Leaders: Alan Hay
Co-ed | 70+
Thursday | 10:00am

Calvert Group
Leaders: John Calvert
Co-ed | 45-60
Monday | 6:00pm

Windsor Group
Leaders: Shelly Windsor
Ladies | Multi-Gen
Monday | 6:00pm
Downtown Dining Room

Cox Group
Leaders: Cristina Cox
Ladies | Multi-Gen
Monday | 6:00pm
Downtown The Crossing

Young Professional’s Group
Leaders: Andy & Sherri Wilson
Co-ed | 20’s
Tuesday | 6:30 PM
Location: Delta 

Young Professional’s Baker Group
Leaders: David & Velvet Baker
Co-ed | 20’s & early 30’s
Sunday | 6:30 PM
Location: Baker Home

Men’s Recovery Group
Men | Multi-generational
Monday | 6:00 PM
Location: College Street Cafe

Leaders: Jan James & Alice Ann Holman
Mothers who have lost a child | Multi-generational
Every 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Location: Downtown Campus, The DELTA

Alone Together
Support and fellowship for women and men who have lost their spouse and/or are alone.
Leaders: Nancy Anderson & Martha Bridges

Connect Groups Spotlight

Explore God

A safe place to ask questions and learn more.

Sundays | 9:50am
Vintage 111 | Downtown Campus