Our residency is designed to help college graduates get real-life ministry experience while they’re in seminary. Our unique structure helps our residents gain this experience from a variety of places and in a team-based leadership environment. They will have access to multiple environments over multiple generations. This residency offers a well-rounded experience while preparing the resident to get ahead in ministry.


This is an exciting opportunity for motivated individuals who are interested in applying their skills to a growing church with a strong vision. FBS|UC has a united heart for the Gospel, team-based leadership, and a passion to create leaders. An ideal candidate for our residency is a recent college graduate who is currently in or starting seminary. There are a few local options and many online options for seminary that would apply. Residents will be able to grow in their gifts and be challenged in the areas they need to grow into. Areas a resident could serve would be Kids, Students, Worship/Creative, Groups, and ministerial residencies. 

If the seminary is approved, FBS|UC will support the resident by paying their tuition for typical full-time hours. 


Gain invaluable experience as you work on a church staff!

You will work inside of a ministry in order to gain invaluable training to help further your vocational ministry aspirations. You will have key ministry responsibilities that focus on directly developing the knowledge and ministry skills to make disciples. You’ll learn how to work with a team over multiple campuses in accomplishing the same vision and goals. Our staff will meet with our residents to take them through an intentional time of training with our collective years of experience.

Our Residencies focuses on creating space to explore a ministry calling and gain valuable experience alongside our church staff. Potential ministry opportunities may include Kids, Students, Missions, Worship, and others. We even have a residency planned to help future pastors or campus pastors.


Get a scholarship degree towards seminary!

We want our Residents to be equipped with the theological education they need for life and ministry from within the local church context itself. We believe in this idea so strongly that we are committed to contributing to tuition for each Resident’s accredited master’s degree with an approved theological seminary. Part of our residency program will be expecting a theological education and our contribution will cover a typical full time load at one of our approved accredited schools.


Be sent out to make disciples and impact churches!

While some Residents may have an opportunity to stay around at the end of their residency, we have a desire to see key leaders sent out on mission from the local church. Jesus has commanded his church to be his witnesses to the very ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8). In order to live out Acts 1:8 and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) we must unleash highly capable ministry leaders, missionaries, and church planters.

Our Residency Program is a 2 year program providing an immersive experience in a multi-generational, multi-site environment to train, equip, and send ministry leaders to impact the Upstate and beyond for the kingdom of God. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have interest, would like to speak to someone, or request more information… fill out the form here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Residencies are support raised. This means that each resident will be responsible for raising their own salaries for two years. However, we take the fear out of fund-raising by partnering with an organization that trains, coaches, and manages everything you need. With the best tools and resources at your disposal, support raising will be an excellent training ground for future opportunities like planting a church.

We may have housing available for single residents.

After an applicant completes the interest form above, a member of our team will reach out for an interview. Approved residents will start at a time that is determined by the church.

Each Residency position is a two-year journey. Both years of the Residency are crucial in providing sufficient time for developing ministry skill competencies, as well as for the completion of the corresponding master’s degree.


Residents are not guaranteed a job upon completing their residency. Our goal is to equip our residents 


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Sherri Jones 864-414-0405
Sandy Dewitt 864-320-2775

Bible Studies

Kathy Robinson 864-399-0363
We offer discipleship (Bible study) groups that help women dive into the Word of God with other women in a safe, encouraging and fun environment. We offer studies from solid, biblical authors, and groups meet on various days and nights of the week.


Sherri Jones 864-414-0405
We provide opportunities for women to bond in fellowship through off-campus retreats, on-campus events and other gatherings. Checkout Upstate Women or FBS/UC social media outlets for upcoming event details.


Sherri Jones 864-414-0405
We personally welcome new women and help them plug in to opportunities for women at FBS/UC.

Support Groups

Kathy Robinson 864-399-0363
Part of equipping and encouraging women is walking with them through the challenges life brings all of us from time to time. We have several women’s support groups, which are listed above.


Kathryn Gray 517-795-7617
FBS/UC is one church with multiple campuses that share the same vision and mission. Women who attend or visit any campus are welcomed and encouraged to be involved in all Upstate Women activities and opportunities.


Bev Gossett 864-419-6847
Women benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of other women who have gone before them and reflect Jesus. We offer an intentional, multi-generational women’s mentoring ministry.


Melonee Lechleiter 864-303-3432
We connect women with missional opportunities geared for women and to women. These include partnering with existing missions that our church supports, such as WMU and local school partnerships, as well as other local, national, and international projects. Projects are offered quarterly.




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8:45AM | 10:00AM | 11:20AM


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10:00AM | 11:20AM


10:00AM | 11:20AM