What is One?

We believe this is a unique season of opportunity for our church as we seek to impact the Upstate for the glory of God. We are called to this Upstate mission as ONE Church. We share ONE prayer; “God, use us!” And we will each unconditionally devote the ONE life we have to give to leading others to the only One who is the giver of life, our Savior Jesus Christ.

It’s no secret; we have high expectations. We sense that God is preparing FBS/UC for an uncommon season of missional impact. The 2-year mission initiative will play a major role in that process. We will all be challenged to take our next step of commitment in our faith journey. The major giving component of the ONE initiative will be committed to our mission to reach the Upstate of SC.

Missional Challenge:

3 million over the next 24 months above regular giving

The Stories

Barnard Story

Up until 2 years ago, Melissa and I had been members of Andy Williams' Group. At that time I started feeling called to teach again (we had a class at FBS previously) so, working with Andy, we created a new Group with a few others from Andy’s class - now we have ~24 members. From the start we had two goals for our group, one, was to be a group for anyone. We have married members, single members, younger members and older members - doesn’t matter. Second, and most importantly, we wanted our Group to serve, to “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22 Over these last 2 years, in spite of COVID, our group has served. We have helped people move, we have helped with yard work, we support the Fishers of Men Ministry (locally led by a member of our Group), we facilitate the churches “Secret Church” event and our group always supports with donations. We also have been strong supporters of the churches involvement with the Foster Youth Initiative (FYI) - and it is through this engagement that we were introduced to the Dominion home for boys in Spartanburg. Our involvement with these boys is one of the things I am most proud. We have made and catered a Thanksgiving dinner for them, held multiple cookouts with them (and associated corn hole contest), and provided them with cards, treats and gifts at various holidays. We are now looking to connect with a local Spartanburg church so that together we can share the gospel with these boys on a more regular basis. We have been ALL IN and are ready for ONE!

Mayfield Story

We were taught biblical principles at an early age so service and tithing have been ingrained into our daily lives. We have been at FBS for about 25 years and, while not always tithers, have learned obedience to God is so important for our Christian walk. Mark was called to his first foreign mission trip many years ago but we had no ability to pay for the trip. The minister in charge of that trip basically stated we have 2 avenues of mission help. The supporters and those who are sent. He explained that many have the financial ability to help send those who may not be able to afford the mission expense. That has always stuck with us and helped in changing our commitment to tithes and offerings. After recklessly avoiding our duty to tithe, we began giving small and increased it every year. As our giving grew so did our dependence on God, after all, He can do far more with our finances than we can. Moments like the economic crash of 2008-2009 as well as the current pandemic have proven that God will take care of us if we continue our faithfulness to Him. Our challenge to all is to listen to God when He is stirring in your heart to step up to the next challenge. If we are not being challenged financially, the devil probably has us in his happy place. Malachi 3:10

Brad and Angie Meehan

Tim Gantz

Like the last two years of ALL IN, we will continue to focus on both local and foreign missions, making every effort to send more people on short-term mission trips than ever before. Still, we will do this while continuing to maintain our attention and investment in local ministry needs, church revitalizations, and other mission needs. Our recent expansion from three to fi ve campuses, and subsequent numeric growth, has shined a light on some obvious needs we will soon face as a church. The primary focus of the $3 million challenge portion of the ONE Fund will be devoted toward making needed facilities improvements on all fi ve campuses. This missional challenge will provide every campus with additional room for growth, while also building strength and stability that will inevitably lead to future expansion. We are not asking for equal gifts, but equal sacrifi ce. This is a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ united as ONE. When the people are unifi ed, the mission is maximized.

Our 2021 gift to the International Mission Board (Lottie Moon Christmas Offering) will be the largest in the history of our church.

To say that First Baptist Simpsonville / Upstate Church (FBS/UC) is a unique church is an understatement. We have over 5,900 members. We meet in 11 separate gatherings at 5 different locations, with 4 distinct styles of worship, during a three-hour period each Sunday morning. In addition, we now have over 500 viewers joining us in worship online each Sunday. Your church family is shepherded by 20 ministers, 26 deacons, and over 70 small group leaders.

5 Campuses
11 Services
4 Worship Styles
3 Service Times

Our ministry and missional impact are broad, yet our organizational structure is cohesive. We are organizationally inseparable, unified in every legal sense of the term. We have one budget, by-laws, and identity. Still, our unity goes beyond our structure. We are practically unified. The marketing world would call it branding, but we just consider it our missional identity. Every FBS/UC campus possesses the same DNA, the same characteristics. We’re not just related; we are united.

Above all other motivations, we recognize our unity comes from a spiritual mandate from God. Before His crucifixion, Jesus prayed for his followers. “Father, keep them in your name…that they may be one, even as we are one” (John 17:11). The call of unity is both a spiritual and missional expectation for the church. This is without question the will of Christ for His church, His hands, and feet in this world.





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